Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Breslov Audio Shiurim

Received from my friend Rabbi Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel:

For a limited time, the following data DVD’s are going on sale as a fundraiser for the Kollel of Yeshivas Chasidei Breslov of Meah Shearim. Each DVD can be purchased for $40 and contains complete audio shiurim in English and in MP3 format. The profits of these sales go for Tzedaka to ensure the continuity of the Kollel. Each purchase can be written off as a charitable donation and you will be provided a receipt for tax purposes after Rosh ha-Shanna. For purchase information, please contact:

Rabbi Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel of Baltimore, MD USA
Phone: (410) 764-3843 – after 6:00 PM
Or you can e-mail Rabbi Bloomenstiel @ a.bloomenstiel@att.net

These are the DVD’s:

Likutey Moharan – The complete Shiurim of R’ Nasan Maimon

A 3-DVD set for $120. Contains English Shiurim on almost the entire sefer.

Meshivas ha-Nefesh & Hishtafkhus ha-Nefesh / Holidays & Simchah - The complete Shiurim of R’ Nasan Maimon

1 DVD for $40 – Contains English Shiurim from R’ Maimon on both seforim in their entirety and on the meaning of the holidays and simcha.

A Rabbi Rosenfeld Treasury – Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Rosenfeld’s z”l complete shiurim on Likutey Moharan, Shevchey ha-Ran, and Sichos ha-Ran.

1 DVD for $40 – Complete shiurim in English.

Shipping and handling on all products is $5.00.


At September 5, 2006 at 3:22:00 PM EDT, Anonymous A Yid said...

I'm looking for shiurim from Reb Gedalya Kenig ztz"l and from Reb Noson Tzvi Kenig ztz"l. If anyone have their shiurim - please contact me.

Their shiurim are one of the best, because they are on a serious level, and are real shiurim, and not just hizuk shmusn etc.

At September 5, 2006 at 6:48:00 PM EDT, Blogger ilan said...

Almost all of the real breslover rabanim shiurim are in a very serious and high level, Yid!
Personally i like a lot Reb Eliahu Godlebsky.

At September 6, 2006 at 10:20:00 AM EDT, Anonymous A Yid said...

ilan - Yes, but it depends how elaborate they are. They can be on a high level, but without any explanations. Shiurim from Reb Gedalya Kenig ztz"l and from Reb Noson Tzvi Kenig ztz"l a special, because they explain every concept in Chasidus and Kabolo that they touch upon, more or less in details.


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