Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sensing What Cannot Be Seen

The leather retzuos of my old tefillin became soft and comfortable after more than a decade of use. Comfort alone, however, was not a reason to continue to use them each morning, never seeking to acquire a better pair.

Despite the stiffness of the new leather retzuos, I could immediately sense that my new tefillin were super-charged with kedusha when putting them on for the first time Tuesday morning. My neshoma instantly responded to them, sensing what could not be seen. I felt an immediate connection to Hashem with them on my arm and on my head. I also felt as if I could sense the tremendous emuna of the sofer.

In an e-mail Rabbi Brody wrote, "I can't even begin to describe what's inside each letter of those tefillin parshias."

I consider it an incredible zechus to have such a pair of tefillin. I will cherish them for my entire life.


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