Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Just An Illusion"

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A Yid commenting on Reinforced Concrete Barriers:

Are you hinting to a famous moshol (metaphor) from the Baal Shem Tov, which is brought in Degel Machane Efraim (haftoras Ki Sovoy)? It has a direct relation to Rosh Hashone and gives a very powerful insight into what kavono one should have (in general and on this day in particular).

I was sure you were refering to it. It says, that:

There was a powerful King, who created mighty fortifications, with many levels of tall walls, surrounded with deep ditches filled with water. Between the walls he put horrible soldiers, lions, bears and beasts, but all this was done as an illusion. Then the King called out, that anyone who'll come to him will be rewarded. Many rushed to the King, but most of them seeing unpenetratable walls and horrible beasts turned back right away. Still, few penetrated some outer walls, thus seeing that they were just an illusion. But there stood noble ministers, who were spreading hoards of gold. And many thought it's enough for them to take this innumerable wealth and they turned back, even though they realized that first walls were just an illusion. But every further barrier was more horrible than the previous. And only the son of the King didn't stop, and with mesirus nefesh he broke through all the walls and traversed all ditches, and they all were disappearing, to reveal that this was just an illusion. He was throwing out all his own money to scary soldiers, just in order to pass further. And eventually all illusions dissolved. All scary walls and beasts disappeared and he found himself on a beautiful plane, filled with gardens and orchards, where the servants in beautiful clothing of the King were singing around his throne.

The son of the King started to cry to his father - why did you hide so much?! - cried he, why was all this needed? It was for your sake - answered the King, - I wanted to test you and see that you really want to come to me. And I wanted to keep away your enemies, who don't want that you rule my kingdom and who slander on you. And the King closed his son in royal robes, and put a crown on his head, to show that he is in charge of the kingdom.

The Degel adds, that this is the meaning, that three books are opened on Roysh Hashone. Tzadikim are enscribed l'alter l'chaim. Tzadikim desire to come to the King, with self sacrifice they break all barriers to realize that they were a mere illusion.

So we have to think, that this is the true meaning of Roysh Hashone - we have to beg the Eybeshter to help us to truly come to him. And our whole desire should be to overcome all barriers of evil to come close to the King.

This moshol has many more nuances, which you can think about. Like all mesholim of the Baal Shem Tov it is very deep.


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