Friday, February 16, 2007

Parshas Mishpatim

From this week's Parsha Parts:

When you will loan money to My nation, don't be as a creditor to the poor person who is with you (Shmos 22:24).

There is an allusion to the following lesson here. 'Kesef', money, is similar to the word for desire, Nichsof nichsafta - you had longed greatly (Bereishis 31:30). 'Talveh', you will loan, is derivative of the word connection or joining, Livyas chein - an adornment of grace (Mishlei 1:9).

Im Kesef - if you desire physical pleasures -Talveh - and connect yourself to them - remember the poor who is with you. This refers to the Gemara (Kiddushin 31a), Anyone who sins in private is comparable to someone who kicks the legs of the Divine Presence [As if he believes the Shechina isn't there with him in private]. The Divine Presence is like a poor person in the exile. The poor person - the Shechina is with you, whatever you are involved with. Wherever you turn, you draw the Divine Presence there with you. This is how one would kick the legs of the Shechina, so to speak. Don't be as a creditor - K'nosheh is like the word 'Shikchah', forgetting as in The Almighty has made me forget - Ki Nashani Elokim (Bereishis 41:51). Don't forget the Shechina. Remember that the sin and spiritual blemish affects the Shechina as well, so to speak.

(Degel Machaneh Ephraim)

For more of the Degel's teachings on Parshas Mishpatim listen to Rabbi Tal Zwecker's five minute audio shiur here


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