Monday, March 05, 2007

Disturbing Rabbi Yisrael Salanter During Hisbodedus

I also remember once, when I was in my youth, I walked with the Admor to pray in a field behind the city. I was filled with an awesome reverence for him. Therefore, because of this great fear, I never spoke with him in the same manner that I spoke with others. My conversations with him never touched on worldly affairs. Rather, I always pricked up my ears to capture his sweet words and teachings. However, once I had a reason to convey to him an incident concerning worldly events. When I finished speaking, he asked me whether or not I had a purpose in what I related to him. When I began to explain my purpose, he stopped me and did not want to listen to me. He told me, "You do not have to answer, for it makes no difference to me. I just wanted to caution you concerning unnecessary speech.

(Rabbi Yitzhak Blazer)