Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tikun Hanefesh & Hiskashrus

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Moshe David Tokayer commenting on Breaking Down Hiskashrus:

Regardless of the reason a person feels a connection - just is, brought up that way, decided, etc. - the underlying principle is that there is a ruchniyesdiga need that the individual has that can only be satisfied by the connection. In other words, the individual's tikun hanefesh is to an extent dependent on the hiskashrus regardless of what brought him to it.

It could be, for example, that a person is born into a certain chassidishe family because min hashamiyim it's determined that he needs a hiskashrus with that chassidus for his tikun. The same, applies to everything.

I've heard, for example, that adopted children may very well have a much stronger ruchniyidiga connection with their adopted parents than with their biological parents and for whatever reason, determined in shamayim they needed to be born to people other than the ones that actually raised them. This is certainly an encouraging attitude for adopted children.

My point is that whatever the apparent reason for the connection, it is always a "soul connection."


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