Monday, November 19, 2007

Eizer L'Shabbos Chanuka Campaign

A teacher at a school Chanuka party handed out sufganiyot to all the students. He noticed that after he handed one to a young boy that this boy then went around to each his classmates and asked them for a small piece of their sufganiyot. When the teacher later inquired why the boy had done this, the boy answered that he was saving his sufganiyah for his brothers and sisters and the pieces he collected from his classmates were for himself since he had a great desire to at least have a taste of a sufganiyah during Chanuka. He remarked that if he had not done this his family also would not enjoy any of the holiday's special foods.

Stories of poverty like this are not uncommon to Rabbi Binyomin Rosenberg of Eizer L'Shabbos. This Chanuka he will be sending 400 packages of food to needy families in Tsfat to help them experience the joy of yom tov.

Just as you are ensuring that your family will have latkes and sufganiyot for Chanuka, please remember those who may not.

Tax-deductible donations for Tsfat's needy families can be sent to:

Eizer L'Shabbos
5014 16th Avenue, Suite 319
Brooklyn, NY 11204