Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Power Of "Amen"

Received via e-mail from a reader:

A woman was niftar and left a house filled with yesoimim. The father, as a zechus to the mother's neshamah, asked the kids in the house -- the yesoimim -- never say a berachah without someone answering Amen. One day, a daughter was home alone. She poured herself a drink and then realized that nobody was home to answer Amen. Therefore, she poured back the drink and waited two hours for a family member to come home. She then said a berachah and drank.

That night the deceased mother came to her in a dream and told her daughter that her restraint of not drinking without an answer of "Amen" caused a ra'ash in shamayim -- and that a girl in her class who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness would now be cured.

The girl awoke and shared her dream with her father. The father then went to the diagnosed girl's father and asked if his daughter was ill. Shocked, the father asked, "How do you know this? Nobody knows!" The father of the orphan told the father of the classmate the unusual dream. The other father replied that his daughter was to begin chemotherapy that day. He then hurried to his Rebbe, who said that the girl should not start chemotherapy, but go for a new test. They did so -- and the results were that the disease was gone, B"H!

This story has been verified by Rav Yaakov Meir Schechter of Yerushalayim.


At March 23, 2008 at 5:43:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

about a year ago left us the zaddik, harav yair uriel sz"l, he was called by rav zvi yehuda kook sz"l (the son of harav avraham izchak hacohen kook szuk"l) the mesilat yesharim on two feet.
at the azkara of his shiva, his brother told some stories of his live. one of the stories was, when rav yair's daughter lost a child, he came to his daughter with a glass of water in his hands and sked her to make "shehakol". at the end of the shiva of his daughter, she told them, that this act gave her so much nechama.


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