Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Desert Of The Unknown

(Picture by S. Blake)

For the past few days, I have been eagerly anticipating and even longing for Pesach. I have had the feeling that there is still an aspect of the yom tov that I have failed to focus on or take advantage of. Perhaps in past years I have focused too heavily on the genealogical / historical and halachic aspects of Pesach and not enough on the fact that it is also a yom tov of personal liberation; a time that will give me a renewed vitality to overcome the obstacles I have in my avodas Hashem.

Lacking knowledge of my ultimate destination much like my ancestors before me, I trust that Hashem is leading me slowly step by step to a place where I can fully actualize my potential and fulfill the purpose of why He sent me down into this world. Will it also take me a 40 year period of refinement to reach this destination? How many encampments will there be along the way?

Pesach is my first foot forward into the desert of the unknown. With emuna, I know that the answers to my questions will be revealed to me and that any obstacles that rise up before me will disappear like a mirage.

I am preparing; looking at the clock and anticipating midnight.

הדריכני באמתך ולמדני כי אתה אלהי ישעי אותך קויתי כל היום

Guide me with Your truth and teach me, for You are the G-d of my salvation; I hope for You all day long. (Tehillim 25:5)


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