Friday, April 04, 2008

Eizer L'Shabbos Pesach Campaign

The dropping dollar has led to an extremely desperate situation in Tsfat. Numerous tzedakah organizations will be unable to provide Pesach supplies this year and the responsibility to help the poor of Tsfat will now fall almost entirely on Eizer L'Shabbos. As the days have been geting closer to Pesach, Rabbi Binyomin Rosenberg's telephone has been ringing almost non-stop from 7:00 in the morning until midnight. Each call comes from another person who simply will not be able to make Pesach for their family without assistance from Eizer L'Shabbos.

With Hashem's help, this year Eizer L'Shabbos will provide 800 needy families with vouchers from local supermarkets so they can purchase meat, wine, matzah, pots and pans, or any other things they may need for yom tov. With your donation, please know that it can be considered as if you hosted a guest from Tsfat at your seder table; you will be able to say the words "Let all who are hungry come and eat" with absolute sincerity.

Do not let this request for tzedaka go unanswered and please give whatever you can.

Those wishing to help Eizer L'Shabbos in its important work may send their tax-deductible donations to:

Eizer L'Shabbos
5014 16th Avenue, Suite 319
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Secure online donations may be sent via the Eizer L'Shabbos website here.