Monday, May 19, 2008

Bound Up Together

At times a person can reach the very gates of holiness. But then he falls away. All of the forces of the Sitra Achra - the Evil One himself - array themselves against him with tremendous force and refuse to let him enter the gates. He feels crushed. He may give up completely. But this is the way of the Evil One and the forces of the Sitra Achra. A man gets close to the gates of holiness. He is on the verge of entering. They spy him and hurl themselves against him with all their force. It takes tremendous strength to stand against them and hold your ground. If you slip or fall or feel confused, you should pay no attention. Be strong, fight back, and do what you can to serve Hashem.

It may take days, it may take many years. In the end be assured that with the help of Hashem you will enter the gates of sanctity. For Hashem is filled with love; He longs for our service. Every twist and turn, even the faintest motion which a man makes to draw himself inch by inch from the grossness of the world towards the service of Hashem - all are collected together. Every step, every gesture, every movement is gathered up and they are all bound up together. They all come to help him at the very moment he needs it most in his time of trouble.

(Rebbe Nachman of Breslov)