Thursday, September 18, 2008

Simcha In A Box

Many women are known to say a prayer while kneading the challah dough l'kavod Shabbos. Mrs. Rosenberg, however, also says a prayer when she is preparing boxes of food to be given to needy families in Tsfat. She davens that she be able to put in just the right foods to bring simcha to the families that are receiving them.

Her husband, Rabbi Binyomin Rosenberg, has been in the United States for the past three months raising months to ensure Eizer L'Shabbos can give out as many of these boxes as possible. On Monday, he will be returning to Tsfat to help the numerous families who are without food or other basic necessities through the month of Tishrei.

The Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh taught, "Giving tzedaka before Rosh Hashana is considered to be a great mitzva. In fact, as a result of Jews giving tzedaka, the Heavenly Gates of Mercy are opened wide. For in the same measure we take pity on the poor, Hashem takes pity on us."

Please help Eizer L'Shabbos before Rosh Hashana this year and send your tax-deductible donation to:

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