Friday, August 28, 2009

Rabbi Itche Meyer Morgenstern: Acquiring The Torah

A person who takes one tractate of Shas and learns it many times connects deeply with the Shechinah, since every tractate is an aspect of Malchus, the “queen” who is the crown of Her Husband. [This means that through learning Talmud vigorously one assumes the Kingship of Hashem and enables the Shechinah to connect with Hashem.]

But this does not mean merely knowing what the tractate says without connecting to the essence of Torah, which is Hashem Himself. As the Zohar states: “The Torah, the Jewish people, and the Holy One are one.” Through learning a tractate in this manner we connect to Hashem, since our supernal Source is accessible through the Gemara.

The same is true with all other areas of Torah. Each person must master them all so to renew and strengthen his connection with Hashem. This is our purpose in the world: to learn Torah as if we have nothing else to do so that we can connect to Hashem. At this level, “The breath of the Almighty gives them understanding.” Hashem teaches us feasible and effective strategies to truly change and repent.

Even if one only attains mastery in one tractate, he must recall that the Baal Shem Tov taught that one who grasps a part of holiness has really attained everything [since, in holiness, each aspect is inter-inclusive with the others]. Similarly, one who masters even one tractate can also connected to the Shechinah in a very powerful manner. Through studying Torah in this way, one accesses the light of ככ"ה—of כתר כל הכתרים, the “crown of crowns.”


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