Thursday, November 11, 2004

Rebbe of Radoschitz HY"D

Today, the 27th of Cheshvan, is the yahrzeit of the Rebbe of Radoschitz. The Rebbe was one of the six million who perished during the Holocaust. During his entire time in the ghettos and concentration camps the Rebbe took particular care to eat only kosher food.

The Rebbe of Radoschitz once said:

"As long as a Jew takes care to put no forbidden food into his mouth, the Divine image remains in him, intact. A man like that, a Jew of that kind, cannot possibly harm is brother Jew and cause him physical injury. Once he begins to befoul his mouth with forbidden, unkosher food, however, his heart grows stupefied and ruthless. The Divine image of the Holy One, blessed is He, departs from him. And then he deteriorates, to arrive at whatever state of brutality he reaches. This member of the Jewish people is no longer what he was before. He changes. He definitely becomes another person."

Note: The Rebbe's biography and teachings can be found in the book One Jew's Power One Jew's Glory: The Life of Rav Yitzchak Shumuel Eliyahu Finkler the Rebbe of Radoschitz in the Ghetto and Concentration Camps by Yechiel Granatstein


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