Thursday, March 10, 2005

Why Do You Ask?

The fact that you have a question doesn't necessarily invalidate what you are learning. It only means that at the present your mind cannot yet understand, and a deeper understanding will come at a later time. We cannot expect to understand everything immediately. Some things may take years or even decades.

The most important thing about a question is to understand the motivation behind it.


At March 10, 2005 at 1:45:00 PM EST, Blogger yingele said...

Simple Jew, Meinyan LeinYan BeOisoi InYan.

The Gemara states: 4 entered the Pardes. Acha, Rabbi Akiva and another two. One entered and became crazy. One entered and died. Acha entered, went off the 'D' and became the famous Acha. Rabbi Akiva Nichnas Besholom Veyeitse Besholom.

The Chasam Soifer asks what's the meaning of Nichnas Besholom? It should just of stated Nichnas Veyeitsei Besholom...

Zogt Der Hailige Chasam Soifer. When Rabbi Akiva eneterd the pardes, the world of chakires and kashes, he entered Besholom. He delved himself in the Pardes, knowing that everything is Besholom. There are no questions. There's one, only one Koach in the whole universe. Ay I have a kasha, a chakira? That is a chesoron of my understanding, not a question on God. He knew that there is a God, and that all questions are just questions to him, not to God. Nichnas besholom, only than he will Yeitsey Besholom.

Zol der aibishter helfen Mir zollen alle tsikimen tsie emuna sheleime in der Boire Yisborach shemo.

Btw nice post!


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