Thursday, April 21, 2005

Focusing On The Physical

Pesach is a holiday that some people anticipate with dread, concentrating only on its physical aspects, whether it is the cleaning or the prohibitions against eating certain foods. Some people cannot put aside their desires for these foods for a mere eight days. They consider it a tremendous act of self sacrifice. How can one live without a bagel? How can one live without a slice of pizza? ...for eight days?!

Our children can immediately perceive our attitudes and moods. We do not even have to utter a single word for them to decipher whether we value truly this holiday. If our children perceive that we regard Pesach as a burden are they going to view it any differently? Are we passing on to our children a heritage of anxiety, misery, and depression?

We may be out of Mitzrayim but our continual focus on the physical turns us into slaves of gashmius.

In the golus of Mitzrayim only 1/5 of the Jewish people were redeemed. If you were alive then, would you have been one of these people?


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