Thursday, April 14, 2005

Simple Davening

When you daven every day it becomes a challenge to put your entire heart into it. The Gemara in Berachos 32b teaches that davening is indeed something that one must continually strengthen oneself in.

Over my vacation I finally discovered a very simple method to keep myself focused. Before I begin davening I say to myself, "Hashem hears every word". I keep repeating this in my mind when my thoughts start to wander and I begin to mindlessly speed-read the words of the siddur. The words "Hashem hears every word" help me slow down and refocus on what I am doing.

It is amazing how powerful one's davening becomes when using this method, knowing that He is listening.

Whoever prays today because he prayed yesterday - A totally wicked man is better than he.

(Kotzker Rebbe)


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