Friday, April 15, 2005

Stumbling Over My Own Brain

During the course of a normal day my mind is active and comes up with ideas to blog about. While I was on vacation spending time my children for the entire day I found it was extremely difficult to conjure up enough mental energy to sit down and write. Most of the time I was just too tired and wanted to take a nap at the earliest opportunity.

Other than waking up early to learn, I felt a certain mental stagnation during the day since caring for my children was an all-consuming activity. I truly enjoy spending time with them but I cannot say that my brain is fully engaged. Can a person honestly say that he is intellectually stimulated after spending hours caring for both a toddler and an infant? Those who answer that they can are apparently on a much higher parenting level than I am.

Some people commented that intelligence is not necessarily a stumbling block.

Maybe it is only a stumbling block for me.


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