Friday, October 21, 2005

Blocked By A Spider Web

When you come to the gate, you find it blocked with a spider web. Can you imagine anything more foolish than returning in defeat because of a spider web blocking your path?

The main thing is speech. Use it and you will win every battle. You can meditate in thought, but the most important thing is to express it in speech.

This parallel teaches a most important lesson. You may find it difficult to speak with G-d. You might also find it difficult to speak to a genuine tzaddik. This difficulty is great foolishness. It is mere laziness and bashfulness and a lack of virtuous boldness.

You are ready to use your speech to overcome the great battle against the evil within you. You are on the verge of victory and are about to break down walls with your words! The gates are ready to fly open!

Should you then not speak because of mere bashfulness? Should you hold back because of a minor barrier like this? You are about to break down a wall. Will you be discouraged by a spider web?

(Sichos HaRan #232)