Friday, June 16, 2006

Seforim On My Shelves

The Rebbe once spoke about the current printing of sacred books. The number of printers had increased, publishing both recent and earlier works. They had no lack of customers, for every one was buying these volumes.

The Rebbe said the Talmud teaches us that "The day will come when the Torah will be forgotten among Jews." Therefore, many books are printed and bought, with people building up their own libraries. Since even the simplest tailor has books, the Torah is not forgotten.

As each book is published, people rush to buy it, building up respectable collections. In this manner the Torah does not fall into oblivion.

What people do not realize is that these books are of no help unless people look into them and study their teachings. But today the Torah has fallen very much, and few people study it. For how can books prevent the Torah from being forgotten if nobody studies them?

(Sichos HaRan #18)