Monday, July 24, 2006

Five Years Ago & Sixty-Five Years Ago

Five years ago, on the 28th of Tammuz , I was here

In his book "Ordinary Men", Christopher R. Browning wrote what happened on this day, 65 years ago, in nearby Shepetovka:

"Police Battalion 45 had reached the Ukrainian town of Shepetovka on July 24, when its commander Major Martin Besser, was summoned by the head of Police Regiment South, Colonel Franz. Franz told Besser that by order of Himmler the Jews in Russia were to be destroyed and his Police Battalion 45 was to take part in this task. Within days the battalion had massacred the several hundred remaining Jews in Shepetovka, including women and children. Three-figure massacres in various towns followed in August."


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What is this a foto of?

Major Besser and his men were also active in a number of towns including:

July 1941: Upon arrival in the Ukraine the 3rd platoon, 3rd company killed at least 10 Jews in the forest in or near Oleskoje.

August 24, 1941: The battalion in a message sent to RFSS Himmler from Police Segiment South reported them participating in a “special action” in Slawuta/Slavuta where they killed 322 Jews.

Possibly in Dubrovka , Berdichev, and Vinnitsa in these date ranges September – 3rd company

September 1941: In Sudylow where they killed 471 people.
Major Besser and 3rd co commander supervised the execution of approx 3,000 jews at a local airfield in Berdichev



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