Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Useless Prayer Requests To A Rebbe

As long as you have true emuna, no evil will happen to you, and if, G-d forbid, trouble was decreed for a person, as a first stage, his emuna is taken away from him. But if, in spite of this, he maintains a strong trust in G-d and does not allow anything to weaken his firm belief, then his evil decree will be torn up.

People should bear this in mind. For often people who are sick will run to a physician, and if he diagnoses a life-threatening disease they give up hope and become despondent. They lose sight of the fact that there are many cases where patients who were near death prayed to G-d and were healed.

Similarly, many childless couples became disheartened. Why don't they take inspiration from Sarah, who conceived when she was 90 years of age and Avraham 100 years old. There are countless couples who were childless for many years and suddenly were remembered by G-d and granted offspring. Likewise, people who have difficulty earning a livelihood will lose faith in G-d, forgetting that with the help of G-d their fortunes can turn around.

The essential thing is to have bitachon and emuna, trust and faith in G-d. If you don't have emuna, even a thousand prayer requests to a rebbe will be of no avail.

(Klausenberger Rebbe)