Friday, August 11, 2006

When Lashon Hara Is Spoken About You

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Once you learn that lashon hara has been spoken about you, do not allow negative feelings about the person who spoke them to bottle up inside you. Do not act in a passive aggressive fashion, hate this person in your heart, and avoid them. If you are hearing the information second-hand you need to verify that the information was conveyed exactly as it was conveyed to you. People have a tendency to relate their interpretation of what was said instead of the words precisely as they were spoken; unknowingly acting as a filter.

To verify the accuracy of the message, you need to go directly to the source to inquire if this is what the person meant. You will be able to cut through the haze of misinformation and misunderstanding and reach a peaceful reconciliation only by directly approaching the person who spoke lashon hara about you. This person will then appreciate the fact that you did not respond indirectly or accept information without first verifying it firsthand.


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