Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"How Many Even Notice The Clouds Or The Ripples In The Water?"

(Picture by Gerry Simpson)

Excerpt from Ecology Awareness on the Uman Pilgrimage:

Many of us walk around with spiritual blinders on, totally oblivious to G-d's creations, even when we are out in the woods or the fields. How many of us stop along the road, to hear a bird or see a butterfly? How many even notice the clouds or the ripples in the water? In so many ways, the animals, trees, and rivers have become strangers to us. We often see them as mere physical objects, not living, breathing things containing sparks of G-d's Holy Light.

This lack of understanding about nature is a serious defect in our perception of the world -- a defect that Rebbe Nachman is teaching us how to repair. There are any number of reasons why he told us to make our hisboddidus in the fields and forests. One reason might be, that he recognized the need for Jews to re-connect with living things in nature.


At December 28, 2006 at 7:32:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the date of this piece speaks for itself if reb gershon would have been in uman this year and the past few years the mercaz breslov pays local people to keep the place clean and invested in sanitation that the is better than the ukrain itself

At December 28, 2006 at 7:36:00 AM EST, Blogger A Simple Jew said...

I am happy to hear that this problem has been corrected.

The two paragraphs quoted above, however are timeless.


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