Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Review Of "The Miracle Flame"

My friends at Sameach Music sent me a copy of the new DVD release for children (ages 3-11) entitled, "The Miracle Flame" to review. Through the use of puppets "The Miracle Flame" retells a Chassidic story about Chanukah involving Rebbe Baruch of Mezhibuz.

Both my four year-old daughter and two and a half year-old son sat enraptured as they enjoyed watching this DVD, which they lated referred to as "Chanukah puppets". My daughter really seemed to get a kick out of some of the musical numbers, especially the one where there is horse singing along with the rider a snowstorm. Both kids, however, seemed a bit scared by the leader of the bandits and they wrinkled up their face in disgust at the sight this villain.

On the whole, this DVD did not seem to excite them the way an Uncle Moishy one does. While they did watch it a few times, after a day or two neither of them requested it any more. In all fairness, my son has been a little under the weather for the past week, so I do not know if his lack of attention was due to whether or not the DVD kept his sustained interest. Since Chanukah is quickly approaching us, I did not want to wait another week to determine what it was and I felt duty bound to write a review in timely fashion so that others could learn of this DVD as well.

My only criticism of this DVD is the price that it is sold for (originally $24.99, but now on sale for $19.49). While this price seems to be keeping line with other Jewish-themed DVDs, it is only 30 minutes in length and perhaps a price of $12.95 would be bit a more reasonable and help increase sales. But hey, at the end of the day, I can't really complain too much because Sameach Music was kind enough to send me a free review copy, and for this my kids and I thank them.

Overall Rating: B-

(B for the DVD and the minus for the price)


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