Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Depth (Contrast) - An Honest Criticism

(Image courtesy of Bagelblogger)

Bagelblogger providing honest critique of Some More Black And White Photography:

I studied Art Theory at University so I feel some what confident in expressing my feelings. With a person's artistic pursuits, its always 'risky business' you're treading on very dangerous turf, art isn't about money, business, pure logic or even math, it comes from somewhere within. I'm sure you know what I'm saying.

Your compositional ability is good. You have that rare 'instinct' for a photo.

Your subject choices are superb.

Here comes the but:

I assume your using B&W film?

If not you should be. B&W digital mmm unless you have one very expensive Nikon or the ilk, it gets somewhat lost in 'translation' between the 'colour' CCDs (receptors) and conversion to B & W. [some would accuse me of being old fashioned, let them]

If they were photographed with film, were they perhaps scanned by yourself?

I recommend using a High Contrast B&W Film which is very suited to the 'ethereal' you capture.

I also recommend you do what most pro photographers do now days and allow your self the aesthetic freedom to adjust both contrast, brightness and even cropping of the image.

There's no doubt your images are beautiful, they to me just lack that last detail of depth (contrast) not field.

I like one particular photographer and I know you would both appreciate him and learn from him, and no doubt be further inspired.

Yet I angst telling you his name.


His work consisted of a lot of B&W, beautiful simple subjects that spring to live and have both an ethereal feel and 'other' sense to them.

His work also consists of a lot of Nude photography. Always tasteful and never condescending or disrespectful. The vast majority are not overly sexual but never the less they are photos of Nakedness.

I ask you to consider looking at his work.

His name is Edward Weston [Safe to enter first page, option to ignore nude section]

For an example of his work visit this site, especially 'Natural Studies' , this site gives you the option of avoiding his nudes [safe to view]

I think your work is beautiful, to me it needs slightly more contrast, possible high contrast film/use of hi contrast paper/ developing? or adjustment of contrast and brightness in a photo editor program if digital.

I do find your photography interesting, but knowing you asked for my honest opinion, It would be disrespectful not to give it to some one I respect so much.


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