Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How You Can Help

Donations to Keren Erez to help the wife and three children of Erez Levanon, HY"D can be sent to:

84-01 Lefferts Blvd
Kew Gardens, NY 11415

Note: In the memo of the check please write "Keren Erez"


A close friend of the Levanon family also opened a bank account yesterday to help support the family.

Checks can be sent directly to the bank at the following address:

Bank Mizrachi
Alon Shvut Branch: 454
Gush Etzion
90433 ISRAEL

In the “deposit to” line please write: “The Levanon Family #150531”.


UPDATE: Received via e-mail from Yitz:

Sunday the 7th of Adar 5767 towards evening the soul of the sweet singer Erez Levanon z"l was taken as he was deep in prayerful meditation in the nearby forest. He had been missing since the afternoon when his body was found by friends from Bat Ayin. They had been searching for several hours. Erez Levanon Hashem yikom Damo was brutally murdered by Arabs from the village of Beit Omar. He was laid to rest Monday the 8th of Adar in the cemetery of Kfar Etzion. More than 1000 people walked up the hill from the Beit Knesset in Bat Ayin and stood for more than two hours eulogizing Erez Levanon Z"l in the heaviest rain, --the tears of Heaven reflecting our tears and sobs. His eleven year old son Eder, recited the mourners kaddish with a brave voice piercing everyone's hearts.

Clall Yisrael cries with us in mourning for the tragic murder of Erez Levanon z"l survived by his dear wife Dafna Levanon, and his three young children between the ages of seven and eleven. Dafna is a popular and beloved Chassidut teacher at Midreshet B'erot Bat Ayin.

In his eulogy Shaul Goldstein the head of the regional council of Gush Etzion pointed out, that last week's Haftora described the building of the first Temple and mentioned how Shlomo bought cedar (Erez) wood from Levanon. This cedar wood was used as a covering of the roof of the holy Temple as it states: "So he built the house, and finished it; and he covered the house with beams and boards of cedar (Erez)". (1 Kings 6:9) The murder of Erez Levanon is a painful sacrifice towards the rebuilding of our holy Temple. We will neither be afraid nor give up, but continue in his spirit to build and live in our Holy Land.

May the memory of Erez Levanon, HY"D strengthens, inspire, and fortify Am Israel. His music, his humility and love of Am Yisrael will continue to bring light to us all and keep his loved ones close. A foundation has been established to build the music studio of the new B'erot Bat Ayin building dedicated to the memory of Erez Levanon ben Mordechai z"l. Donations for aliyah Neshama can be sent to Midreshet B'erot Bat Ayin earmarked "Erez Levanon Music Studio."

For tax deductible donation in USA, please make checks payable to American Friends of MBBA and send your contribution to:

American Friends of MBBA
c/o Leah Gelber
622 Sweetgum Lane
Charlotte, NC 28211
Tax id: EIN 20-1923745

For tax deductible donation in Canada, please make checks payable to Tzaddik Foundation and send your contribution to:

Tzaddik Foundation
c/o Miriam Kreisman
6592 C. Kildare
Montreal Quebec
H4W 2Z4


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