Friday, March 23, 2007

Maybe I Didn't Need The Traps

Anonymous commenting on An Impediment To Pesach Cleaning :

I am suprised that nobody mentioned the picture of Reb Shaya Karestier known to ward off mice.

Here is a link:

This is a picture of a holy tzaddik, Rabbi Yeshayah, the Karestier Rebbe, ztk"l, zy"a. This picture is a famous segulah, and it is thus worthy to have a copy of it somewhere in your house or place of business. According to some, the Rebbe promised that any house or building where his picture was would not be plagued with mice. (Because of this many food stores in Israel have this picture hanging somewhere.) Even according to those opinions who don't accept this (the present Karestier Rebbe, shlit"a says that he does not know the source of this segulah), it is always worthwhile to have pictures of holy people around you for a source of inspiration. Thus it is surely worthwhile to print this picture and even to make copies for your family and friends.

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