Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why Are We Eating So Late?

Every year before the seder in my house, I hear this common refrain,

".... says we have to start at 8:05."

And I always reply,

"Yes, it was ME who came up with this, I just make ALL these halachos up. It wasn't the Shulchan Aruch, it was me. I make it all up because I want to eat late tonight and make YOU wait."

This year, I am going to attempt to liven things up for some guests who do not care for the seder by taking Tamara Eden's suggestion and incorporate the above pictured finger puppets into the seder.

I haven't quite figured out how we will all use them during the seder, so I welcome any suggestions you may have.


At March 27, 2007 at 5:15:00 PM EDT, Blogger Mrs. Jude said...

Der Erwig jude has little plastic frogs and ping pong balls (adds something new every year) and throws them out onto the table at the appropriate time. It always makes people jump and laugh. Definately livens things up! lol

At March 27, 2007 at 6:32:00 PM EDT, Blogger Tamara said...

Hey, glad you found them and that my blog is of service to someone. :)

YOu can use them as you read the plagues. Maybe just give one to each child to fiddle with during the seder? Use them to tell the stories in the Haggadah. Like a puppet show? Have the frog or locusts ask the questions :) Ok, maybe not, but ask the kids, they are far more creative than us :)

Have a wonderful holiday.

At March 27, 2007 at 6:40:00 PM EDT, Blogger A Simple Jew said...

I was thinking of having people choose one before the seder begins and have the come up with an associated noise that goes along with it. Whenever the word of their plaque comes up they will have to make the noise of their plaque...

At March 27, 2007 at 7:11:00 PM EDT, Blogger Neil Harris said...

Candies or treats for the kids (and maybe some adults too) work great. As do the classic "Plauge Bags". I tell short stories about where both sets of grandparents came from as well.

My wife is a pre-school teacher so we have tons of visual aids to add to the evening.


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