Friday, May 04, 2007

Shabbos & Emuna

Makeshift candlesticks in the Warsaw Ghetto
(Picture courtesy of Yad Vashem)

Likutey Moharan I:31:

Keeping Shabbos is the foundation of true emuna. All our tzedakah and other good deeds radiate to perfection only through Shabbos, which is the very essence of emuna. Tzedakah can bring many blessings and good influences into the world, but they are only actually revealed through Shabbos. As the essence of emuna, Shabbos is the fountain of blessings, bringing everything in the world to its ultimate perfection. Without Shabbos and the emuna it brings, everything is lacking, including our G-dly understanding and knowledge of the Torah. Genuine wisdom and Torah understanding can thrive only through the influence of Shabbos and emuna.


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