Monday, July 16, 2007

Shimshon HaGibor No Longer

Even with three clips securing his yarmulke to his newly-cut hair, Lil' Tzaddik is still able to shake it loose. If he does keep it on his head, his little sister - the crawling yarmulke goniff - sneaks up on him and snatches it off his head.

My mom e-mailed me this link for Klipped Kippahs, and after reading the description on the site I decided to check it out. I am happy to report that this product does everything that it says it does. From sun up to sun down the Kipped Kippah yarmulke stays on my son's head despite how vigorously he plays.

While my mother-in-law probably wished this product was never invented, it has made the life of my wife and I much easier and allowed us to reclaim all the time we would have spent searching the house for hair clips or readjusting his yarmulke when it slides off our son's head.


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