Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Simply Tsfat Kumzitz To Benefit Eizer L'Shabbos - Sunday, November 18

Please come show your support for Eizer L'Shabbos and the people of Tsfat while enjoying the music of Tsfat.

You are invited to attend a kumzitz starring Simply Tsfat & Sruli Williger at the home of Sruli Williger, 1233 East 32nd Street, Brooklyn, NY, on Sunday, November 18 at 7:00 pm.

Your hosts,

Sruli Williger
Moishe Perl
Zeesh Mermelstein
Mayer Fogel


At November 20, 2007 at 1:41:00 PM EST, Anonymous Yossele Kvetch said...

The kumzitz was wonderful!

Simply Tsfat were at the end of a tour, and sounded better than ever. Full of heart, totally in synch with each other, and instrumentally on top of their material. Sound system was good, too.

They were joined by their host, singer Sruly Williger and his two year old baby; Reb Itzik Eisenstadt, who made a powerful appeal for Eizer L'Shabbos; and Reb Yehudah Green of the Carlebach Shul -- who was really excellent.

For any old folkies out there -- Yehudah Green is to Shlomo as early Ramblin' Jack Elliot was to Woody Guthrie. (More Shlomo than Shlomo, and more Woody than Woody!)


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