Thursday, November 29, 2007

“Taanug Olam Haba”

(Picture by Jack Klein)

A Yid commenting on Bizyonos:

Reb Luzer Kenig once said amazing, that one should feel “taanug olam haba” in bizyonos. He said they can come from someone else, even from your family (a spouse for example). The first reaction of a person is to dismiss it altogether, regarding the abuser as nothing, thus reducing the “blow” as a protective psychic reaction. However, Reb Luzer said this is not a correct approach. The Rebbe says that the bizayon cleans the person's yetzer hora. Therefore one must feel it, and not just dismiss it thereby missing the point. This can be done by giving some value to the mevaze (abuser). One shouldn't necessarily agree to mevaze (who can be very wrong really), but giving it some value causes the needed effect.

Now one can ask, very good, but how can this possibly be “taanug olam haba”? In the most, it can be considered as a bitter medicine, which has to be tolerated. But being enjoyed? But if one thinks more into it, what is happening in the process? One becomes more pure, and is coming closer to Hashem. That is really “tanug olam haba” in a sense. What we can lack here is daas – the perception of it, and on this we must work to get it.


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