Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maos Chittim

(Picture courtesy of ShalomNewYork.com)

I encourage everyone to give tzedaka for Maos Chittim this Pesach to Haben Yakir Li, an organization run by the Sudilkover Rebbe. Haben Yakir Li will be distributing Maos Chittim to poor people in Eretz Yisroel, especially to families with teens at risk.

People wishing to help can send a their donation to:

Friends of Haben Yakir Li, Inc.
5515 18th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11204

*Please be sure to write "Maos Chittim" in your check's memo field.

For those desiring brochas, please also include a list of names and the Sudilkover Rebbe will takes these names with him to the kever of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meron for Lag B'Omer.


At March 25, 2009 at 7:19:00 AM EDT, Blogger yitz said...

i know america is pretty america-centric, but perhaps there is also donation information for people in israel as well -- is the charity itself in Israel or in america?

kol tuv,

At March 26, 2009 at 12:18:00 PM EDT, Blogger A Simple Jew said...

Yitz: I have updated the text of the posting so it is clear that the Maos Chittim will be distributed in Eretz Yisroel.

Those in Eretz Yisroel who would like to send tzedakah may mail it to:

Haben Yakir Li
c/o Rabbi Aryeh Wohl
23/5 Nachal Ayalon
Ramat Beit Shemesh


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