Monday, July 27, 2009

"Those Who Cannot Restrain Themselves"

Excerpt from a sicha of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, 6 Menachem Av 5741:

All previous limits of drinking liquor still apply - that people under 40 years of age should limit their drinking. This applies especially to bochurim for they are at a "fiery" age. They should content themselves with observing an older chosid's approach to a glass of liquor, but they alone must not drink. It is precisely his non-drinking that makes him a good bochur and a good Tomim.

It we haven't talked about this subject at every farbrengen, it is not because the limits have been relaxed. If anything, the opposite is true. Any change would be to substitute a limit of three drinks for the previous limit of four drinks! No tricks are to be played, such as taking three large or even medium size drinks. When we say three, we mean three small ones! Those who cannot restrain themselves do not do so because of holy and Chassidic reasons - but because they are not masters of their own selves, and cannot control their animal soul


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