Monday, April 30, 2012

Wielding the sword of prayer

הנה יביעון בפיהם חרבות בשפתותיהם כי מי שמע
Behold, they spew with their mouths, swords are in the lips; for they say “Who listens?” (Tehillim 59:8)

Depth of communication is a characteristic of a strong relationship. Conversely, superficial communication is often a characteristic of less genuine relationship. With this in mind, how would you characterize your communication with Hashem?

In the midst of a deep conversation with a best friend or spouse, your complete attention is on the person you are speaking to. When you fail to communicate with Hashem in this same close and open manner, it is as if you are simply spewing forth words from your mouth. Hashem is forced to conclude that you don’t think He listens to every word you say to Him. He sees that is possible for you to place your whole being into your words when communicating with another person, yet He is hurt that this depth of communication is primarily reserved for other humans while your superficial communication is reserved for Him.   


At May 1, 2012 at 11:28:00 AM EDT, Anonymous David Tzohar said...

I find it very difficult to relate to tefilla as communication with an external entity. I can only try to relate to the divine which is a part of me. I hope that this inner directed prayer will help me to connect in some way to the Ein Sof. This is also how I understand the reflexive meaning of the verb lehitpallel.


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