Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Two Of The Four Rivers - Pishon & Gichon

During my lunch time mini seder today, I came across some interesting facts about the significance about two of the four rivers seen pictured above on the Gan Eden Kiddush Cup.

Me'am Lo'ez, Bereishis 6:16, citing Targum Yonasan, mentions that Hashem told Noach to go down to the river Pishon (פישון) to find the luminous stone (צֹהַר) for the ark.

Regarding the river Gichon (גיחון), Me'am Loez, Bereishis 3:22, citing the Zohar 1:65, relates that on the day he sinned, Adam later immersed himself in the Gichon River, standing with the water up to his neck. He remained there and fasted for seven full weeks, until his skin became like silk. All this time, he would weep and daven to Hashem, asking Him to forgive his sin.


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