Friday, December 24, 2010

The Obligation to Write A Book

Sefer Chassidim #530:

Hashem preordains the number of books a person will write during his lifetime. He may decree that a person will write one, two, or three books or whether a person will discover new insights in the Talmud, detect ancient manuscripts, decipher foreign languages, or solve other mysteries. And if Hashem reveals something to a person and he does not publish it, he is, in fact, robbing the One who revealed it. Hashem revealed it to him only that he publicize it, as it says, “The secret of Hashem is for those who fear Him, so that they will make known His covenant” (Tehillim 25:14). The same idea is expressed in the verse, “Your springs will gush forth in streams in the public squares” (Proverbs 5:16).

The Rebbe - A New Book by Rabbi Dovid Meisels

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Chovas HaTalmidim - A New Printing

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Last year, Eizer L'Shabbos was fortunate enough to give out food to hundreds of needy families. Hundreds of children celebrated Chanukah with hearts full of joy, due to the packages Eizer L'Shabbos gave out. Unfortunately, this year there was only enough money for a small number of families.

The Zohar teaches, "One whom Hashem loves, He sends him a gift: A poor man, so that he can acquire the Mitzvah of helping him."

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